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Tenaska Marketing Buy Sell Agreement 04-01-2000




This Gas Purchase and Sale Contract ("this Contract") is made as of and

effective April 1, 2000, between Tenaska Marketing Ventures, a Nebraska

partnership ("TMV") and Warren Resources, Inc., a ____________ corporation

("Company"), individually referred to as "Party" and collectively referred to as

"the Parties".





1.1 Agreement. This Contract establishes mutually agreed and legally binding

terms governing purchases, sales and exchanges of Gas between TMV and Company

made during the term of this Contract. The transactions encompassed by this

Contract will be designed on transaction-specific Confirmation(s) in the form of

Exhibit "A" and, if relevant to a particular transaction, a Trigger Price

Confirmation in the form of Exhibit "B". This Contract consists of the

provisions set forth herein and, with respect to a particular transaction, the

provisions contained in the Confirmation(s). More than one Confirmation may be

in effect at the same time. As used herein, the term "Buyer" refers to the Party

purchasing and receiving Gas and the term "Seller" refers to the Party selling

and delivering Gas.


1.2 Confirmation Procedure. If the Parties come to an understanding regarding

the sale and purchase of Gas, the transaction will be communicated in a

Confirmation that will reflect the Transaction Type, Contract Quantity, Delivery

Period, Contract Price, Delivery Point(s) and any other special terms to which

the Parties have agreed. Each Confirmation shall be sent by TMV to Company via

facsimile and shall become a part of this contract. If a Confirmation is not

objected to or returned to TMV by Company via facsimile within two (2) Business

Days of the successful transmittal thereof, then that Confirmation shall be

accepted by both Parties.


1.3 Transaction Types. The terms and conditions incorporated in this Contract

are intended to facilitate the entering into by Buyer and Seller of the

following Transactions Types as further defined in this Contract: i) Swing

Transactions; ii) Firm Transactions; and iii) EFP Transactions.


1.4 Tape Recordings. Each Party hereby consents to the recording of telephone

conversations by the other in connection with this Contract or any potential

Transaction, and agrees to obtain any necessary consent of, and to give notice

of such recording to, its affected personnel. Any tape recordings may be

submitted into evidence to any court or in any legal proceeding for the purpose

of establishing any matter, whether relating to this Contract, any Transaction

or otherwise.





2.1 "Business Day" means a period of eight (8) consecutive hours, beginning at

8:00 a.m., Central Clock Time ("C.C.T."), on any day except Saturday, Sunday or

federal bank holidays and ending at 4:00 p.m. (C.C.T., on the same calendar day.


2.2 "Buyer's Deficiency Quantity" means the difference between the Contract

Quantity and the actual Gas quantity received by Buyer for each Day on which

Seller's failure occurred pursuant to Section 7.1(a).


2.3 "Contract Price" means the price to be paid for Gas as set forth in the







2.4 "Contract Quantity" means the quantity of Gas to be delivered by Seller and

received by Buyer as set forth in the Confirmation.


2.5 "Contract Value" means the amount of Gas remaining to be delivered or

purchased under a Transaction multiplied by the Contract Price per unit.


2.6 "Day" means a period of twenty-four (24) consecutive hours, as defined in

the tariff of the Transporter receiving Gas at the Delivery Point.


2.7 "Delivery Period" means the period of time during which Gas shall be

delivered and received under a transaction as set forth in the Confirmation.


2.8 "Delivery Point" means the specific point(s) at which the Parties have

agreed to make and take delivery of Gas, as specified in the Confirmation.


2.9 "Early Termination Date" means any date on or after a default designated by

the Performing party as the time at which any or all Forward Contracts

(including any portion of a Forward Contract not yet fully delivered) will be



2.10 "EFP Transaction" means a Firm Transaction to purchase, sell or exchange

Gas and the concurrent obligation to buy or sell natural gas futures contracts

pursuant to the Exchange of Futures for Physical (EFP) procedures of an Exchange

in accordance with an applicable Confirmation. Failure to buy or sell such

quantity(ies) of Gas or futures contracts shall subject the failing party to the

damages set forth in Article VII.


2.11 "Exchange" means any United States commodity exchange that trades natural

gas futures contracts.


2.12 "Firm Transaction" means Buyer shall have an absolute obligation to

purchase and receive, and Seller shall have an absolute obligation to sell and

deliver one hundred per cent (100%) of the Contract Quantity in the applicable

Confirmation. Failure to buy or sell the Contract Quantity shall subject the

failing party to the damages prescribed in Article VII.


2.13 "Forward Contract" means any agreement constituting a "forward contract"

within the meaning of the United States Bankruptcy Code, including, without

limitation, a Transaction or any other agreement for the sale, purchase or

transfer (including a swap) of Gas which has a maturity date or delivery period

more than two days after the date the Forward Contract is entered into.


2.14 "Gas" means any mixture of hydrocarbons and non-combustible gases in a

gaseous state consisting primarily of methane.


2.15 "Imbalance Charge" means any scheduling, imbalance or similar penalties,

fees, forfeitures, cashouts, or charges (in cash or in kind) assessed by a

Transporter for failure to satisfy the Transporter's balance and/or nomination



2.16 "Market Value" means the amount of Gas remaining to be delivered or

purchased under a Transaction multiplied by the market price per MMBtu

determined by the Performing Party in a commercially reasonable manner.


2.17 "MMBtu" means one million BTU's, equal to one dekatherm.








2.18 "Payment Date" means the twenty-fifty (25th) day of the calendar month in

which the invoice was rendered, or ten (10) days after the date of receipt of

the invoice, whichever is later; provided that if the twenty-fifth (25th) day is

not a Business Day, payment is due on the next Business Day following that date.


2.19 "Replacement Price" is the price at which Buyer is able, acting in good

faith, to obtain comparable Gas supplies at the lowest reasonable price.


2.20 "Sales Price" is the price at which Seller is able, acting in good faith,

to make comparable Gas sales at the highest reasonable price.


2.21 "Schedule" or "Scheduled" means the acts of Seller, Buyer, and the

Transporter(s) of notifying, requesting, and confirming to each other the

quantity of Gas to be delivered hereunder on any given Day.


2.22 "Seller's Deficiency Quantity" means the difference between the Contract

Quantity and the actual Gas quantity delivered by Seller for each Day on which

Buyer's failure occurred pursuant to Section 7.1(b).


2.23 "Swing Transaction" means that deliveries and receipts of Gas will be on a

swing or interruptible basis. The Contract Quantity may be reduced, interrupted

or terminated by either Party for any reason upon the other Party's receipt of

notice given prior to its Transporter's nomination deadline for the requested

change. Any failure to provide such notice by either Party shall subject that

Party to the damages prescribed in Article VII.


2.24 "Transaction" means a particular purchase, sale or exchange of Gas

evidenced in a Confirmation.


2.25 "Transporter(s)" means all Gas gathering or pipeline companies, or local

distribution companies, acting in the capacity of a transporter, transporting

Gas upstream or downstream of the Delivery Point pursuant to a particular

Transaction Confirmation.


2.26 "Trigger Price" means a Contract Price that is determined in part by the

natural gas futures price on any Exchange.





This Contract shall be in force as o the date first above written and shall

extend month-to-month thereafter until terminated by either Party upon giving

thirty (30) days' prior written notice; provided, however, that if one or more

Confirmation(s) are in effect, termination shall not be effective for any such

Confirmation until the expiration of the Term of such Confirmation.





Buyer and Seller shall provide each other and all necessary third parties,

including Transporter(s), with the information necessary to Schedule the

Contract Quantity for each Day as agreed to for a specific Transaction

hereunder. The Parties will provide each other with timely nomination

information or of any changes to nominations prior to the Transporters'

nomination deadline.













5.1 Obligations. Seller agrees to Schedule and to sell and deliver, and Buyer

agrees to Schedule and to purchase and receive the Contract Quantity each Day at

the Delivery Point(s) for a particular Transaction. Seller shall be responsible

for transportation to the Delivery Point(s) and the Buyer shall be responsible

for transportation from the Delivery Point(s). Title to and possession of all

Gas shall pass from Seller to Buyer at said Delivery Point(s).


5.2 Imbalance Notification. Both parties hereto shall promptly notify each other

as soon as possible of any Transporter notification of imbalances that are

occurring or that have occurred, and the Parties shall cooperate to eliminate

any such imbalances, including the use of make-up or balancing rights that

either Party may have, within the time prescribed by the Transporter.


5.3 Imbalance Charges. The Party causing an Imbalance Charge shall be

responsible for paying the charge. Buyer shall assume all liability for and

reimburse Seller within thirty (30) days of presentation of invoice and

substantiating documentation, for any Imbalance Charge resulting from Buyer's

failure to comply with balancing or notification requirements of Seller's

Transporter. Seller shall assume all liability for and reimburse Buyer within

thirty (30) days of presentation of invoice and substantiating documentation,

for any Imbalance Charge resulting from Seller's failure to comply with

balancing or notification requirements of Buyer's Transporter.





6.1 Buyer agrees to pay Seller the Contract Price for each MMBtu of Gas

delivered by Seller to Buyer in accordance with the terms of this Contract and

the relevant Confirmation.


6.2 Trigger Price. If the Parties agree to a Trigger Price, the Trigger Price

Confirmation will define the factors to be used in the calculation. The Company

may request that TMV execute trades through an Exchange in order to establish

the Trigger Price. Following execution of such trades, TMV will transmit to

Company a Trigger Price Confirmation no later than the close of business on the

Business Day following execution of such trade(s). Company will have one

Business Day after receipt of the Trigger Price Confirmation to object to any of

the terms contained therein. If no objection is received by TMV within the

prescribed time, the Trigger Price Confirmation will be deemed to have been

accepted by both Parties and will be considered part of the Contract and will be

used to calculate the Trigger Price.





7.1 If either Party fails on any Day to Schedule and receive or deliver the

Contract Quantity, as provided in Section 5.1, that Party shall be liable for,

and shall pay the other party, the following damages:


(a) Buyer's Failure. If the quantity Buyer receives and purchases on

any Day is less than the applicable Contract Quantity and the Sales Price

is less than the Contract Price, then Buyer shall be liable for and shall

pay to Seller a dollar amount equal to the product of (i) the difference

between the Contract Price and the Sales Price, and: (ii) Buyer's

Deficiency Quantity. In addition, Buyer shall pay Seller an amount equal to

ten percent (10%) of the amount calculated pursuant to the first sentence

of this subsection (a) to cover Seller's administrative and operational

costs and expenses.









(b) Seller's Failure. If the quantity Seller sells and delivers on any

Day is less than the applicable Contract Quantity and the Replacement Price

is greater than the Contract Price, then Seller shall be liable for and

shall pay to Buyer a dollar amount equal to the product of (i) the

difference between the Replacement Price and the Contract Price and; (ii)

Seller's Deficiency Quantity. In addition, Seller shall pay Buyer an amount

equal to ten percent (10%) of the amount calculated pursuant to the first

sentence of this subsection (b) to cover Buyer's administrative and

operational costs and expenses.


(c) Failure to Replace. If Seller or Buyer does not make a replacement

purchase or sale, the failing Party shall still be liable in accordance

with the provisions of Section 7.1 and the Sales Price or Replacement Price

shall be deemed to be the daily price as posted in BTU's Daily Gas Wire for

Gas for each day to failure at the location which most closely reflects the

relevant Delivery Point(s); provided, however, if the non-failing party

does not learn of the failure until after the fact, then in lieu of the

remedy provided in this subsection (c), the non-failing party may calculate

its damages as of the date(s) on which replacement purchases or sales are

actually made.


7.2 EFP and Trigger Price Transactions. If the Transaction is an EFP

Transaction, any Party failing to offer and complete the purchase or sale of

Exchange futures contracts from or to the other Party shall be liable to the

other Party for actual losses incurred by it due to such failure. If either

Party fails to complete the purchase or sale of gas after the other Party has

executed trades pursuant to Section 6.2 Trigger Price, then the failing Party

shall be liable to the non-failing Party for an actual losses incurred for the

reversal of trades so executed. Calculation of any damages pursuant to this

Section 7.2 shall be incorporated as necessary in the calculation of damages set

forth in Section 7.1 to assure that the non-failing Party will be fully

compensated for its actual loss incurred because of the other Party's failure.





8.1 Invoice and Payment Dates. Seller shall invoice Buyer by the tenth (10th)

day of the calendar month for Gas delivered to Buyer during the preceding month.

If Seller has not received Transporter notification of the actual quantity

delivered, the statement shall be based on the Scheduled quantity, and the

Parties agree that the next statement shall be adjusted to reflect the actual

quantity delivered. Buyer shall remit to Seller the amount due by wire transfer,

pursuant to Seller's invoice instructions, on or before the Payment Date. If

Buyer, in good faith, disputes the amount of any such invoice or any part

thereof, Buyer will pay to Seller such amount as it concedes to be correct;

provided, however, if Buyer disputes the amount due, Buyer must provide

supporting documentation acceptable in industry practice to support the amount

paid or disputed. In the event any payments are due Buyer hereunder, payment to

Buyer shall be made in accordance with this Section.


8.2 Late Payment. If either Party owing an amount to the other Party fails to

pay in accordance with this Contract, that Party shall pay interest on any

overdue amount at a rate equal to the lesser of: (i) the posted prime rate in

The Wall Street Journal as listed under "Money Rates", plus two percent (2%), or

(ii) the maximum rate allowed by law, from the due date until such principal

amount and interest thereon are paid.


8.3 Audit Rights. Each Party shall have the right, at its own expense, upon

reasonable notice and at reasonable times, to examine the books and records of

the other Party only to the extent reasonably necessary to verify the accuracy

of any invoice, statement, charge, payment, or computation made under the

Contract. This examination right shall not be available with respect to

proprietary information not directly relevant to transactions under this

Contract. All invoices and billings shall be conclusively presumed final and










accurate unless objected to in writing, with adequate explanation and/or

documentation, within two years after the month of Gas delivery. All retroactive

adjustments under this Article shall be paid in full by the party owing payment

within 30 days of notice and substantiation of the inaccuracy.





9.1 If the Parties to this Contract participate in multiple Transactions in a

given month whereby each party sells Gas to and purchases Gas from the other in

individual Transactions, then in lieu of the procedures set forth in Article

VIII, the Parties may agree to a net settlement procedure as follows:


(a) By the tenth (10th) day of each calendar month following the month

in which such Transactions occurred, each Party shall determine the sales

price for the Gas sold to the other Party and issue an invoice reflecting

the amount due for Gas sold. No fewer than three (3) days prior to the

Payment Date, the Parties will confer by telephone and compare/confirm

invoice amounts and total amounts owed. Any difference resulting after

offsetting the total amount each party owes to the other Party shall be

paid by the Party owing the greater amount, no later than the Payment Date.


(b) If either Party, in good faith, disputes the amount of any invoice

or portion of any invoice in the current billing month, then only the

non-disputed portion of the invoice(s) will be subject to netting according

to this Article IX. The disputing Party must provide supporting

documentation acceptable in industry practice to support the amount paid or

disputed. Upon resolution of such dispute, any amounts owing will be

included in netting procedures in the subsequent month.





10.1 Events of Default. Either Party (the "Defaulting Party") will be in default

under this Contract if it:


(i) makes an assignment or any general arrangement for the benefit of


(ii) files a petition or otherwise commences, authorizes, or

acquiesces in the commencement of a proceeding or cause under any

bankruptcy or similar law for the protection of creditors, or has such

petition filed against it and such proceeding remains undismissed for 30


(iii) otherwise becomes bankrupt or insolvent (however evidenced);

(iv) is unable to pay its debts as they fall due;

(v) fails to pay or perform, when due, any obligation to the other

Party (the "Performing Party"), whether under this Contract or any other

contract between the Parties, including a contract(s) in connection with

credit support obligations or otherwise, if such failure is not remedied on

or before the third Business Day after notice of such failure is given to

the Defaulting Party;

(vi) fails to give adequate security for or assurance of its ability

to perform its further obligations under this Contract within forty-eight

(48) hours of a reasonable request by the other Party, or

(vii) fails to deliver any volumes of gas which it is obligated to

deliver to the other Party and such failure is not remedied within a

48-hour period.


10.2 Default Remedies. If a Party is in default, then the Performing Party shall

have, in addition to any and all other remedies available hereunder or pursuant

to law, the right to withhold or suspend deliveries/receipts or payment and/or










to specify an Early Termination Date and to liquidate any or all Forward

Contracts (including any portion of a Forward Contract not yet fully delivered)

then outstanding at any time or from time to time thereafter by:


(i) closing out each Transaction being liquidated at its Market Value

so that each such Transaction is canceled and a settlement payment in an

amount equal to the difference between such Market Value and the Contract

Value of such Transaction shall be due to the Buyer under the Transaction

if such Market Value exceeds the contract Value and to the Seller if the

Contract Value exceeds the Market Value;

(ii) discounting each amount then due under subsection (i) above to

present value in a commercially reasonable manner as of the time of

liquidation to take into account the period between the date of liquidation

and the date on which such amount would have otherwise been due pursuant to

the relevant Transaction; and

(iii) netting or aggregating, as appropriate, any or all settlement

payments under this Contract (discounted as appropriate). The net amount

due any such liquidation shall be paid by the close of business on the

Business Day following the Early Termination Date.


The rate of interest used in calculating net present value shall be determined

by the Performing Party in a commercially reasonable manner.


10.3 Set-off. If a Party is in Default, at the election of the Performing Party,

any or all other amounts owing between the Parties under any contract may be set

off against amounts owing under this Contract so that all such amounts are

aggregated and/or netted to a single amount payable by one Party to the other.





Seller shall pay or cause to be paid all taxes lawfully levied on Seller

applicable to the Gas delivered hereunder prior to its delivery to Buyer. Buyer

shall pay all taxes lawfully levied on Buyer applicable to such Gas upon and

after delivery to Buyer or for the account of Buyer. If Seller is legally

obligated to collect any taxes from Buyer, Seller shall have full authority to

do so. If Buyer is exempt from any taxes, Buyer shall furnish Seller with a

valid and properly completed resale or exemption certificate upon request by






12.1 Excuse for Force Majeure. Except with regard to a Party's obligation to

make payments due under this Contract, in the event either Party hereto is

rendered unable, wholly or in part, by Force Majeure to carry out its

obligations, then upon notification by telephone with a subsequent written

notice setting forth the specifics within a reasonable time, but not in excess

of six (6) days after the commencement of the failure to perform due to Force

Majeure, the obligations of the Party giving such notice, insofar as they are

affected by such Force Majeure, from its inception, shall be excused during the

entire period of any inability so caused but for no longer period.


12.2 Inclusions. The term "Force Majeure" as employed in this Contract will mean

any event that prevents delivery or receipt of Gas at the Delivery Point,

including acts of God, strikes, lockouts, or industrial disputes or

disturbances, civil disturbances, interruptions by government or court orders,

necessity for compliance with any court order, law, statute, ordinance, or

regulation promulgated by a governmental authority having jurisdiction, acts of

the public enemy, events affecting facilities or services of non-affiliated

third parties, or any other cause of like kind not reasonably within the control










of the Party claiming Force Majeure and which by the exercise of due diligence

such Party could not have prevented or is unable to overcome.


12.3 Exclusions. The term Force Majeure specifically excludes the following

occurrences or events:


i) The curtailment of interruptible or secondary firm transportation

unless primary, in-path, firm transportation is also curtailed;

ii) increases or decreases in Gas supply due to allocation or

reallocation of production by well operators, pipelines, or other parties;

iii) changes in market conditions or economic curtailment;

iv) loss of markets or Gas supply unless such loss would also

constitute an event of Force Majeure under this Contract;

v) failure of specific, individual wells or appurtenant facilities in

the absence of a Force Majeure event broadly affecting other wells in the

same geographic area; and

vi) regulatory disallowance of the pass through of the costs of Gas or

other related costs.





13.1 Seller Warranties. Seller warrants that all royalties, taxes and other sums

due on production and transportation of the Gas to the Delivery Point(s) are

paid, and that it will have the right to convey and will transfer good and

merchantable title to all Gas sold hereunder and delivered by it to Buyer, free

and clear of any and all liens, encumbrances and claims.


13.2 Indemnity. Subject to Section 16.8, each Party assumes full responsibility

and liability for and shall indemnify and save harmless the other Party from all

liability and expense on account of any and all damages, claims or actions,

including injury to and death of persons, arising from any act or accident

occurring when title to the Gas is vested in the indemnifying Party unless the

act or accident was the result of the willful misconduct or gross negligence of

the indemnified Party, its agents or assigns.





All Gas delivered by Seller hereunder shall conform to the heat, quality and

delivery pressure specifications of Buyer's Transporter(s).





15.1 All billings, payments, statements, notices and communications made

pursuant to this Contract shall be made as follows:




Notices, statements and invoices: Payments to Tenaska Marketing Ventures:

-------------------------------- --------------------------------------


Tenaska Marketing Ventures Tenaska Marketing Ventures

11235 Davenport Street First National Bank of Omaha

Omaha, NE 68154 Omaha, NE 68154

Notices: Manager, Administration Account No.:

Invoices: Gas Accounting ABA Routing No.:

Gas Control: Director - Throughput Mgmt. Federal Tax I.D. #: -

Phone: (402) 758-6128 Duns #:

Fax: (402) 758-6250












Notices, statements and invoices: Payments to:

-------------------------------- -----------


Warren Resources, Inc. Big Basin Petroleum, LLC

c/o Millennium Gas Marketing, LLC LX CBM Operating Account

513 East Bismarck Expressway, Suite 6 First National Bank of Gillette

Bismarck, ND 58504 Account No.:

Notices: Claudia Bender, Vice President ABA Routing No.:

Invoices: Gas Accounting Federal Tax I.D. #:

Phone: (701) 250-8585 Duns #: - -

Fax: (701) 250-8511



15.2 All notices required hereunder may be sent by facsimile or mutually

acceptable electronic means, a nationally recognized overnight courier service,

first class mail or hand delivered.


15.3 Notice shall be given when received on a Business Day by the addressee. In

the absence of proof of the actual receipt date, the following presumptions will

apply. Notices sent by facsimile shall be deemed to have been received upon the

sending party's receipt of its facsimile machine's confirmation of successful

transmission, if the day on which such facsimile is received is not a Business

Day or is after 4:00 p.m. C.C.T. on a Business Day, then such facsimile shall be

deemed to have been received on the next following Business Day. Notice by

overnight mail or courier shall be deemed to have been received on the next

Business Day after it was sent or such earlier time as is confirmed by the

receiving party. Notice via first class mail shall be considered delivered five

Business Days after mailing.





16.1 Transfer or Assignment. This Contract shall be binding upon and inure to

the benefit of the successors, assigns, personal representatives, and heirs of

the respective Parties hereto, and the covenants, conditions, rights and

obligations of this Contract shall run for the full term of this Contract. No

assignment of this contract, in whole or in part, will be made without the prior

written consent of the non-assigning party, which consent will not be

unreasonably withhold or delayed; provided, however, either Party may transfer

its interest to any parent or affiliate by assignment, merger or otherwise

without the prior approval of the other Party. Upon any transfer and assumption,

the transferor shall not be relieved of or discharged from any obligations

hereunder unless such assumption is made in the transfer/assumption agreement.


16.2 Severability. If any term, provision, covenant, or condition of this

Contract or the application thereof, to any party or circumstance, shall be held

to be invalid or unenforceable (in whole or in part) for any reason, the

remaining terms, provisions, covenants, and conditions hereof shall continue in

full force and effect as if this Contract had been executed with the invalid or

unenforceable portion eliminated.


16.3 Applicable Law. The Contract shall be governed in accordance with the laws

of the State of Nebraska except for such laws concerning the application of the

laws of another jurisdiction.













16.5 Confidentiality. The terms of this Contract, including but not limited to

the price paid for Gas, the identified Transporter(s), the quantities of Gas

purchased or sold and all other material terms of this Contract shall be kept

confidential by the Parties hereto, and shall not be disclosed to any third

party except to the extent that any information must be disclosed to a third

party for the purpose of effectuating transportation of the Gas delivered

hereunder or as may be required by law or regulation.


16.6 Non-Waiver. Any waiver of any default under this Contract shall not be

construed as a waiver of any future defaults, whether of like or different



16.7 Conflict of Terms. In the case of conflict between the terms of any

Confirmation and the terms of this Contract, the terms of the Confirmation shall








16.9 Non-Recourse. Without limiting the Company's ability to enforce its rights

under any guaranty provided to it by an affiliate of TMV, the obligations of TMV

under this Contract shall have recourse only to the assets of TMV and no

recourse to the personal assets of any partner in TMV or any affiliate of any

partner in TMV, any individual controlling person or any officer, director,

employee or stockholder thereof, or any successor thereto.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Contract has been executed as of the date first above





By: Tenaska Marketing, Inc.

Managing General Partner



By: /s/ Fred R. Hunzeker

-------------------------- ---------------------------

Fred R. Hunzeker Title: Ops Manager



Date: 3-28-00 Date: 4-5-00